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How To Restore Auto Body Dents

How To Restore Auto Body Dents

Repairing dents is carried out very much along the same lines because the filling and/or repairing of auto body rust holes.

Dents grow to be more discoverable in a vehicle the nearer they're to eye level. This means that we are also more more likely to see a poor restore within the higher half of the body then the lower half.

Discovering all the dents

The higher the gloss of the present paints, the simpler it will likely be to see all of the dents. It isn't as straightforward nevertheless, when the paint is dull. Even professional painters are sometimes caught out by an obscure dent that solely turned discoverable when the new gloss paint was sprayed.

Firstly, be sure that the car is clean. Then park the automobile in an unlit garage. Now crouch down and sight alongside the sides from the front towards the rear, looking towards the light that comes from the entrance. This could reveal a lot of the dents which may he missed. Then rise up and walk across the automobile, looking at it from every conceivable angle. Finally, check it once more outside in full daylight.

If a storage is just not available, park the automobile in order that the low early morning or late afternoon sun is allowed to shine at an oblique angle along the sides. This is highly efficient at showing up dents, however involves a lot of maneuvering of the automobile to ensure that the solar illuminates all areas. Dusk is probably the best time to check the upper half of the car.

It is a good suggestion to obviously mark all dents with a thick felt pen. Outline exactly the road between affected and unaffected areas. This shall be a helpful information throughout repairs and panel perth.

Repairing small dents

To restore dents as much as 50mm throughout you'll need:

1. eighty grit Drilube sandpaper

2. Carpenters hammer

3. Flat block of wooden

4. Auto body filler.

Do not attempt to knock out small dents. It normally causes more problems than it's worth. The exception to this would be where the dent has caused an outward bulging of the metal surrounding the dent. If this needs to be the case, tap the bulged metal inward with a hammer and block of wooden until it feels flush or beneath the surrounding undamaged metal.

Small dents are sometimes outward bumps in the metal. These are most typical on the top and side panels of the rear compartment, often caused by closing the highest, or motion of, sharp heavy gadgets carried.

Tap these bumps inward with the hammer until they change into small inward dents, and treat as above.

Sand the dented space all over and somewhat past the sides of the unaffected area. Try and go away sufficient of the felt pen mark showing for a guide to the form of the dent during filling.

If the original paint is just not lifting off, there is no such thing as a have to sand it all off, just roughen the surface and remove the gloss.

Next proceed to fill and sand.

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