19 Jan 2016



"@ The Top" was written when "Freedom" was at their lowest point. This song was meant to inspire you to live, love, and enjoy the life you desire. The hypnotic groove sets the stage for the spoken words of your imagination, as you in-vision yourself "@ The Top" Download Free & N-Joy =)

"FREEDOM" is more than just the name we have given to our music group. This title expresses a theme, a movement, and a conscious way of living and thinking. "FREEDOM" is a new flavor in music fusing folk, R&B, Hip-Hop, spoken word, blues, soul, funk, and jazz. Our musical efforts seek to change the level of consciousness and awareness of the state of the world by promoting a unique expression of collective thought, unity, peace, and love.

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"Ladywise" has a voice that can only be described as liberating. Her sultry voice and melodious vocals  provide an audacious vessel for the Motivating -Message that refines the "FREEDOM" sound. Living in several parts of the world, this multifaceted seraphim uses a piece from every place she has lived as inspiration for her lyrics. "Ladywise" enjoys opportunities to experiment with world beats, rhythms, rhymes, melodies and spoken word.

Steve "E" Ross- A TRUE STAR, armed with the gift of groove, Steve "E" Ross is on a mission sublime--To Enlighten, Entertain, and Empower you thru "MUSIC". Steve "E", embodies true musicianship. Originally from Chi town, his musical background includes training at the prestigious UCLA program. and the Musicians Institute. Well respected throughout the music scenes, Steve "E" 's impeccable ear and musical talents are expressive, exciting and enlightening. He is more than groove he is " Purpose "   

The motivation and concept behind "FREEDOM" comes shining through in our words, and our music tests the boundaries of trendy music genres, exploring the issues of love, sex, spirituality,, politics, and "FREEDOM" for all.

"FREEDOM" is a collaborative effort by of Kim "Ladywise" Millerlile and Steve "E" Ross. Our individual accomplishments and love for music combine to display and extraordinary production magnifying genuine harmonies and versatile rhythms.                                                           

JOIN the Movement, and Experience: " The Coming Of " FREEDOM


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