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30 May 2016

Randy Moreno (2-0, 1 KO) defeated Derik "Dirt Nap" Bartlemay (0-3) by unanimous decision after four rounds from the junior lightweight division. Jeremy "J-Flash" Nichols scored an amazing victory against Jason "Gibbor" Gavino inside four round welterweight match by unanimous decision. In some round junior lightweight fight between Sal Lopez (3-0) and Matt "The KO Kid" Murphy (0-3), Lopez won by unanimous decision. click the link

Human beings don't possess thermal or infrared vision making it hard for anyone to view clearly both at almost all the time. And also the vision range through the night can be completely different from that at day. People have a 200-400M view range at day but a view choice of 80-150M in the evening. What's more, there's a fatigue and sleepy period during the night. In some countries, you'll find regulations that drivers must pause and get some sleep after 2 AM. In order to prevent from any accident, drivers are suggested to push slowly during the night.

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