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The EP "Natural High" Vol.#1 is the first recordings of BE Natural. This EP is a expression of thought and sound. Each song paints a colorful picture for your visual canvas. This is a fresh approach to today's Neo Soul and Hip Hop music. The music missions of BE Natural is to uplift listeners through words and rhythms, thoughts and ideas.


"BE NATURAL" is more than just a name given to these musical wonders. The title expresses a theme, a movement, a new way of thinking. "BE   NATURAL" is the new flow in music fusing Alternative, R&B, Hip Hop, Spoken Word, Blues, Rock, Jazz and Soul.

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Their musical efforts seek to heighten levels of consciousness and awareness by promoting a powerful expression of collective thought, UNITY, PEACE and LOVE. 

Bruce Hathcock- Co-Founder Lead and Background Vocals & Guitar.

Bruce Hathcock, a L.A. native nurtured in and around music, has created a unique bone-chilling vocal style reminiscent of Sam Cooke, Stevie Wonder, and Marvin Gaye. He also plays guitar that acts as the brush to the colorful picture his words paint on the mental canvas. 

Steve "E" Ross- Co-Founder Background Vocals Bass, Keyboards, & Vocal, Steve "E", embodies true musicianship. Originally from Chi town, his musical background includes training at Santa Monica College, the prestigious UCLA program and Musicians Institute. Well respected throughout the L.A. and San Francisco music scenes, Steve "E"'s impeccable ear and musical talents are expressive and a eye-catching stage presence. 

Christina Gaillard- Drums, Percussion, & Vocals. This California girl provides beauty and the "BE NATURAL" beat. Hailing from multi-generations of jazz and blues musicians, Christina plays with a power and passion that inspires. 

Dameon "DJ Stones" Hale- Break Beats, Scratches, & Effects A graduate of Sound-master Engineering School, DJ Stones was founder of the Priority Record's hip-hop group, "Anotha Level" and has since gone on to work with the best from LayLaw to Ice Cube. His turntables now round out the sound of "BE NATURAL". 

Sheldon August- Lead Guitar & the silent member of "BE NATURAL." Raised on reggae and calypso in Central America, it was a thirteen year-old Sheldon who began his love affair with music and developed his talents on drums, and piano, before expanding to guitar that drip with conviction and honesty. 

"BE NATURAL" is the SPIRITUAL journey of musicians who imagine beyond their physical dimension. Their music missions to uplift listeners through words and rhythms that offer a heaven where being conscious is acceptable and encouraged. "BE NATURAL" strives to be a voice for the PEOPLE. Their music parallels their struggles as well as their enlightenment.


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