04 Mar 2016



Its not often that a band can take you from 0-100 Up, Down, Fast, and Forward in one sonic Swoop of music, emotions, and words. Piel combines Alternative, Rock and Soul, that collide together creating a symphony of Alternative Rock & Soul. * Piel's Debut EP "Conversation" provides That...Fun and Consciousness N music 4 "CONVERSATION". 

* ( I know u'll undstd what I'm saying, once you listen the whole way thru.)


Amidst shades of crimson poured from red light bulbs, serviced and imbibed by even redder wine whilst a sound machine conditions the air of a dark wood Victorian den, stereo speakers sound the vibrations of words like, “I don’t mind if all that’s wonderful is buried under what we assume; keep telling me, to lose myself, to be set free…” 

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Dread Daze was conceived in Los Angeles, but is a child of the world stage. Their authentic desire to use their music to open minds, change vibes and spread a message of peace and unity shines through in every song and has captured the ears of listeners across all genres as well as promoters throughout the U.S. and around the world. Dread Daze’ exudes raw energy on-stage and forges a strong bond with audiences worldwide, while their huge grass-roots following and spirit of collaboration make them widely sought after – as evidenced by countless shows in clubs, festivals and other venues throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Together, Najashi (lead vocalist), Brian Ward/Belfast Posse (guitar/vocals), D-Love (drums), DJ Thergood (DJ/percussion), Steve "E" Ross (Bass Guitar) Billy Grant (Lead Guitar) Zolim Duran (Keyboards) with guest musicians Al Keith and Clinton Cameron, form Dread Daze. Individually, they have made their mark in the music scene.

In 2012 the band was nominated by “Bite my Music”. The global awards are the world cup of independent music and the nominees in the various genres and categories were selected from thousands of musicians in over 50 countries. Dread Daze placed fourth in the World Music category for the song “Murder in the name of religion”

Currently riding high as the number one Reggae band in” Reverb Nation” polls, Dread Daze have just released the single “Protection” from the forthcoming second album. Produced by Jeremy Underwood and Steel Pulse legend Sydney Mills. This latest endeavor will bring the Dread Daze audience more music to touch the mind and soul on a deeper level. Look for the band to tour the globe and excite music lovers of the world in the year ahead.



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