This EP is Part 2 of the Phazes of Love "Collection". Get ready to Groove your way through the 2nd Phaze of Love.... Sexy Soul and R&B represents to the Highest Degree, as you dance and coast your way through, to an enlightened view of relationships. This is by far the easiest and funnest way to go. Listen and you'll see... N=Joy


Next time you're listening to your local radio station or watching your favorite video show, and you find yourself wondering what ever happened to the R&B superstars like we use to have...look no further than Fountain Delano. While most artists nowadays are satisfied with simply singing lyrics, Fountain Delano delivers songs with a passion. That deep down from the soul feeling that can pull a listener into the pain of losing a lover or the joy of a late night rendezvous. 

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Although Fountain Delano grew up in a small North Carolina town, he has never been a stranger to the entertainment industry. Like the majority of great R&B singers, Fountain began singing Gospel music at an early age. His father, also a singer, recorded numerous albums with such Gospel legends as Sam Cooke, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, and the Gospel Keynotes. 

Not to mention his mother who recorded several albums of her own for Capitol Records. Despite Fountain Delano's success in the Gospel arena (recording and touring with Shirley Caesar and Tommy Ellison), he realized that his heart was more in the R&B music that he had been raised listening to. 

So at age 21, Fountain Delano left Warsaw, North Carolina and headed for the bright lights of Los Angeles, California. It didn't take a long for success to find him. In addition to touring as a back-up singer. That's when Fountain decided it was time for him to begin work on his own project.

Fountain Delano's debut single " Yesterday "  is already spinning on the turntables in clubs throughout THE GLOBE. A departure from the sexy ballads he has become known for, this song is aimed at getting people on the dance floor and the lyrics are aimed at the ladies insationable desires. But don't think that Fountain has left the balladering behind. With each song he proves that he can croon with, and surpass, the best of them.



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