With this EP, expect the unexpected, because "The Activation" Part One takes the listener for a ride and adventure. The music is beautifully orchestrated and supports the cool-raw vocal style of Angel ll:ll. This EP is a blend of old school rock, funk, pop, trip hop, and alternative soul. It would be wise to put your helmet on and buckle up your seat beat, as you embark on a musical journey that transcends beyond sight and sound, things and ideas. THE ACTIVATION IS HERE 11:11


New York City recording artist/actor Angel ll:ll blends old school rock, jazz, pop, alternative, conscious soul and funk into his own distinct sound for today, tomorrow and beyond. With Angel you get the scene, there are no boundaries. Singing and writing of life, love, happiness, politics and spirituality, he is able to touch the souls of many that are inspired by the divine--- his true calling. "The goal is to take the listener for a ride, an adventure"... With this artist it would be wise to wear your seat belt and expect the unexpected. His Infinite Imagination is his main instrument. He has his own unique style that will have you singing, dancing and thinking all at the same time. Angel's empathy can be heard in every word. Angel's cool-raw vocal style compliments his strong original grooves not to mention a hot sexy live show.

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As an award-winning actor Angel ll:ll has appeared in over two dozen commercials, from here to Hong Kong ,  A Visa Card spot starring opposite Kevin Bacon and the Radio Shack Christmas-themed "Red Chair” campaign opposite model/actor Yaya ranks amongst some of his most popular. Ebay, Fiat, and to many to mention. Angel's series of promo spots for MTV & VH1's "Behind The Music" have been running for more then 11 years. He's appeared in popular magazines and  films like “Zoolander”. Temple Featuring Angel l l : l l  has just released a new EP entitled: "The Activation" Part One. A mix of funky rock, pop, alternative, and conscious soul. It is available now at

The full length CD entitled "The Activation" is available at


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